The precast and cast-in-situ carcass – that’s the name of the constructional technology used by Zhilstroy-2 Development Company for its projects. Now the company is getting everything ready for flowing the bridging between the ground and the first floors of the Section 2 of the high-rise apartment building in 50-richya VLKSM Ave. This technology differs substantially from the traditional way of underpouring, stress the specialists. Special reinforced concrete slabs are used for the bridging. They are laid on the shuttering systems of the building. Then the gaps between slabs are reinforced and underpoured. Everything solidifies and turns into the solid element of the high rise building construct. The built-up monolith technology is not the invention of Zhilstroy-2, but the company has perfected it and patented this advanced version.
Building News. Kharkiv. Ukraine. May, 25. 2010.

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