There’s no better to show that the future is here than giant manned robots. Like a scene straight out of the hit anime Gundam Wing, a human being piloted a giant robot, controlling the movements of the robot arms with his own arms. The human-piloted robot is called the “Method-2”, and the machine took it’s first steps in the Gunpo studio of the Hankook Mirae Technology Company near Seoul on Thursday.

The 13-foot-tall Method-2 robot moves based on commands given by the pilot’s movements, which are sent to the robot through sensors attached to the pilot’s arms and fingers. The robot then processes the commands sent from the human seated in the central cockpit and moves its 286 pound robotic arms and fingers to match the movement of the pilot.

Around 30 engineers have been testing the mammoth machine and the company has invested over $200 million into the robot’s production and development since 2014. Lead designer Vitaly Bulgarov drew inspiration from his previous work on the fantasy films featuring giant robots, such as the Transformers and Terminator series. Hankook Mirae aim to place the giant robot into mass production and hope to get it to market by the end of 2017. If you want your own giant robot, you may be able to pick one up for the low low price of $8.3 million.

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