Do you wonder what’s in store for the future of fashion? Well, if wearable technology has anything to say about it, the future seems likely to be found at the intersection of fashion and technology. A new high-tech dress which is heading in this direction was unveiled at the Trafford Centre in Manchester on Wednesday. It is the first ever design to feature graphene, one of the thinnest, strongest and most conductive materials in the world.

The main high tech feature of the dress is a graphene sensor which tracks the wearers’ breathing, adapting its LED lighting to breathing patterns, allowing the dress to change colour depending on the user’s heart rate. During fast breathing, the dress turns purple, while slow deep breaths turn it turquoise.

The project was funded by Intu, one of the UK’s largest retail groups. Despite being just one atom thick, about one million times thinner than human hair, graphene still maintains high durability and strength.

Miss Rosella and the rest of the team at Cute Circuit may have started a fascinating new by taking wearable tech to the next level. What new wonders will the team create next?

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