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Today, in this video, we will discuss about windows 7 and what to do with it, so stay tuned.
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So, it is true that Microsoft has ended support of windows 7 after 14th January 2020. So, Windows 7 is now officially dead. It is officially shut down by Microsoft.
This is really very sad and heartbreaking step by Microsoft. Because windows 7 was loved by so many people after disappointing windows vista. So many people benefited from it especially it was wonderful for PC games, so it was a blessing for gamers. This operating system was designed especially for Computers. Even after windows 8 and much improved windows 10, windows 7 sustained its position, and still many people is using it even after free upgrade of windows 10.
It doesn’t mean you can’t use windows 7, but your computer will be on risk, because its support is ended, so now Microsoft will not provide software updates, security updates and technical support for it. So it is not a good idea to use windows 7 after its support is officially ended. But if you want to use it, there are top 4 tips for you:
1. Don’t Internet Explorer
2. Choose Softwares Wisely
3. Install Good Antivirus
4. Don’t Use Administrator Accounts and Internet
1. Don’t Internet Explorer:
Because Internet Explorer is a browser of Microsoft, it is not good to use it in windows 7, as its support is ended for windows 7. Instead, you can use Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox in windows 7, which are still supporting it. They may make you to browser safely.
2. Choose Softwares Wisely:
You have choose softwares wisely. You should install softwares which are supporting windows 7. You should install softwares from known and official sources, instead of unknown and unofficial sources.
3. Install Good Antivirus:
You should install a good and effective antivirus for your windows 7 operating system, as its security updates and support is now ended by Microsoft. You should install antivirus that is supporting windows 7, and it gives you good guarantee for it.
4. Don’t Use Administrator Accounts and Internet:
You should not use your administrator accounts in windows 7, as after its support is ended, Hackers can attack your computer easily. Hackers cannot damage things that they cannot touch. Hackers, virus and malware can affected that account which is infected. So you should not use administrator accounts unless you need to run program which are essential for you or install some necessary softwares in windows 7. Please don’t use internet in windows 7 all time. Use if necessary, and don’t click fake links, IDs, etc. and keep away from them.
Hope these tips are useful to you, but I personally recommend to not use windows 7, instead upgrade it to windows 10 which is free, as it is not OK to use windows 7 after its support is shut down. Well, It depends on you.

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