12 Web Design Words Financial Advisors Should Know
Hover your cursor over this image of the Advisor Websites logo to see an example of an alt text.
This is an image of the Advisor Websites logo to show what an alt text is like, this will help with SEO).
And we’re a group of web designers and we know a lot more about web design than you do.
But don’t worry, we’ve created a basic dictionary of some of the most used web design terms out there just for you.
So it’s ok if you don’t know what every web design term means.
A call to action (CTA) is used to ask viewers to perform a specific action.
The data from cookies can tell you who visited your website, how often they visit,
what parts of the website they visit the most, and their preferences.
This helps Google determine what the image is and the topic of surrounding text.
Text, images, banners, or buttons used in a persuasive tone are call-to-actions.
Don’t worry cookies do not usually contain anything dangerous or personal information.

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